Oxford Union
May 23rd

Dustin Lance Black gives a speech at The Oxford Union, at The University of Oxford in the U.K., about the power of personal story to change hearts, minds, and laws.

“When We Rise”
Didn’t tell your story?

With his sweeping ABC mini-series When We Rise, Dustin Lance Black brought generations of the fight for equality into homes across America – and around the world. Still, the out Oscar-winner says, even this epic,…

We The People

Dustin Lance Black on the historic airing of the epic miniseries When We Rise and why the most important part of any struggle for social justice is “We.”  

Late Night
Seth Meyers

Whoopi Goldberg and Dustin Lance Black walk Seth through how their chance meeting at the 2009 Academy Awards kicked off their partnership in the LGBT docudrama miniseries When We Rise.


#TellAFriendTuesday #ImWithHer 21 DAYS. We have just 21 days to lay the groundwork for a brighter future; 21 days to protect the hard-won rights of LGBTQ people, of racial and religious minorities, of women, of…


For the last six months I’ve been in Vancouver filming When We Rise,an ABC miniseries on the history of the LGBT rights movement. That’s what I was doing when I learned that 49 LGBT souls…

The State
Of Hate

Last year saw notable progress for the LGBT community. We achieved legal and social change that promises not only to change lives, but to save them. But marriage has never been the end-all goal, and…


While LGBT Americans and allies have been celebrating our hard-won right to marry, a small but very vocal group of people have been scrambling. Under the guise of “religious liberty,” some conservative organizations are trying…

Coca-Cola premiers the short film “EL SMS”

Dustin Lance Black directs Coca-Cola’s newest short film, “EL SMS” “As an artist, I feel I have a responsibility to share the stories of who LGBT people truly are, in order to dispel any atmosphere…