Elizabeth Taylor Memorial

Last week Cleve Jones took me as his plus one to the private memorial service for Elizabeth Taylor at Warner Brothers. Of course I love Elizabeth Taylor's work. I mean, "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?" The best! But that's not what moved me. From Elton John to Jose Eber, Michael Caine to her own grandchildren, firsthand account after firsthand account spoke of her dedication to others and her fight against HIV and AIDS in a time when it wasn't yet "cool" to do so, when it was still a "gay disease," and when many Americans (Ronald Reagan) were more than happy to turn a blind eye as gay men died. In the face of criticism she didn't shrink from the fight and didn't resist the label "activist". So Mrs. Taylor, wherever you are, thank you for living such a brave, beautiful life. I now know many of my dearest friends are alive today because of your work.