#TellAFriendTuesday #ImWithHer

#TellAFriendTuesday #ImWithHer 21 DAYS. We have just 21 days to lay the groundwork for a brighter future; 21 days to protect the hard-won rights of LGBTQ people, of racial and religious minorities, of women, of immigrants, and our workers.

But from my campaigning across this country over the past few months, I’ve met too many young people who are hesitant to share their enthusiasm for Hillary Clinton for fear of retribution, and I’m here to say that it’s time to push through that fear and to stand proud for the only candidate on the ballot who will insure we ALL keep moving forward.

Now is the time to tell EVERYONE IN YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA SPHERE that you are voting on November 8th for diversity, inclusivity and an even playing field. So get on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. every Tuesday between now and Election Day and use #TellAFriendTuesday to let everyone know that #ImWithHer -- and ask them to do the same.


Those who know me well know that I have long admired both Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton. But we faced a heated nomination contest within the Democratic party, and many voters were disappointed with the outcome. But as Bernie Sanders’s full-throated support of Hillary Clinton today shows, there is only one candidate on the ballot capable of embodying the energy and the heart of his electrifying movement, and that’s Hillary Clinton.

For those Bernie supporters who are still unsure, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  1. Universal healthcare has been a personal mission of Hillary Clinton’s since her time as First Lady in the 1990s. Like Bernie, she believes that it is a moral failure of the United States government that so many remain uninsured, and her plans to expand coverage to every single American are grounded in practical considerations and facts.
  1. From her father, Hillary was taught the value of education, and through her own experience, she learned the many doors a quality education can open. Working with Bernie and his team, Hillary heads a Democratic ticket that promises to make higher education affordable for all.
  1. Like Bernie, Hillary wants to get money out of politics and even the playing field. She has promised to begin working immediately to overturning Citizen’s United and, uniquely among the top candidates for the presidency this year, she’s payed her fair share of taxes and actively contributed to the wellbeing of our country.

For those who believe in what Bernie stands for—from education and healthcare access to climate change and Black Lives Matter — I believe there is only one candidate worthy of your vote on November 8th. Neither Trump nor Gary Johnson are ready for the awesome responsibility of being president, and neither would make our country a more just and equal society for all.

That leaves us only 21 days to share our passion for progress with our friends and family who may be on the fence about who to vote for, or unsure about voting at all. So take 30 seconds and write a post online that you are voting, and voting for Hillary because today is #TellAFriendTuesday, and today and every Tuesday up until November 8th, I’ll be letting everyone I know that #ImWithHer.

#TellAFriendTuesday #ImWithHer. Will you join me?

BlogDustin Lance Black