Thank you Mr. President. You have my full support.

"There are people who are satisfied with crumbs because that is all they think they can get when in reality, if they demand the real thing, they will find that they indeed can get it.” Harvey Milk This is a historic day in the United States of America. Our Commander in Chief just publicly announced he's on the side of full marriage equality for gay and lesbian people and our families. This declaration sends a powerful, life-saving message to LGBTQ people across this country that their love, their lives and their families are valued.

We have made our voices heard, we have made strong and necessary demands and today it is clear the President has heard us. Now, the importance of supporting our President come November cannot be overstated. The stakes could not be higher. We must immediately make our thanks evident with our voices, our sweat and tears, and our checkbooks.

Feeling HOPEFUL again,